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Tyringham Cobble to Mount Wilcox South Shelter, Tyringham MA

When the forecast is anything but Fall weather in actual Fall, you hit the trail. Knowing that there is not many more overnight chances left for me this year, I wanted to tighten up those miles from when I was stung a few weeks ago and from when the parking got fouled up last weekend. So, I found a roughly 9 mile out and back to do from Maine Rd in Tyringham MA to South Mt. Wilcox Shelter. The parking area on Main Rd is small. Enough room for 6 cars tops if you park right. I parked pretty close to the road and hoped for the best. The trail leads off through farmland and a lot of board walks. It's warm so there are a ton of ticks out still. Isis was not happy with all the picking at her. 

Once we reached Jerusalem Rd, the place where I thought there was parking before, we began climbing the Tyringham Cobble after crossing a cow pasture. A little hill that you can look out over the town. The climb up is a bit of a butt kicker for something that isn't even 2000Ft. The views toda…

Upper Goose Pond Shelter Lee, Massachusetts

This was not the weekend I had intended it to be but I still managed to get some miles under my feet. But that's not what it's all about anymore. I'll come back around to all this later.... Right now, what you need to know is that I had intended on heading south from Jerusalem Rd to Mount Wilcox South shelter to close a gap left by those unfortunate wasps from last week. Except when I got to the road, I couldn't find the pull out and when I asked for help from someone, they sent me into the woods practically. I got frustrated and nearly went home but instead I decided to bump up to Lee MA and head out to Goose Pond to check out the cabin. Parking here is much better and fits about 12 cars or more. You can exit the parking area and take a blue blazed trail across the street to hook up to the AT or you can walk the path behind the guardrail and deal with the busy street. Consequently, I went both ways and it's a toss up. Steep climb up for less than a half mile to g…

Lake Buel Rd. Great Barrington MA to MA23 crossing at Beartown State Forest.

I had figured out that I can get to the Mass Pike Bridge on the AT in 3 hikes. It would be two day hikes and an overnight. So, today I set out from the parking area on Lake Buel Rd. in Great Barrington MA. I got a late start because I slept in but I was still determined on the 12ish mile trek round trip. Isis had the weekend off last weekend so, I knew that she needed the walk too. The trail starts out really nice and easy. I enjoyed the tall trees that made me feel really small. The morning is a little warm but the overcast really keeps the temps steady. There are a few others moving through today. My destination should be North Mount Wilcox Shelter. 

We crossed MA23 near Beartown and continued up the trail. Here's where some elevation gain kicked in but we were doing good and not really sowing down. At about the 2 mile mark for the day, I noticed some old trekking poles and two hats in the leaves at the side of the trail. What I didn't see was the small sign that told me th…

Cannon Mountain

Sometimes you take the easy way to get the views and it turns into the best day on the trail. It was a bluebird day today and I decided to take my mother up to the Cannon Observation tower. Knowing full well that she's not going to hike up the trail from the bottom, we took the Tram up instead. This of course means that Isis get's the entire weekend off since there are no dogs allowed on the Tram. This is OK since we had such a big weekend last weekend. We boarded the tram along with about 40 of our most distant friends and headed up to the top. Temps at the bottom were probably in the 60's and in the 30's up top given winds and chills. We had both packed our gloves, hats, and outer layer and put them on almost immediately before leaving the building were the Tram let us off. 

We joined the Rim Trail and the Kinsman Ridge Trail to the summit observation tower which was an easy walk from where we were let off. The trail itself is well kept given the many non-hikers tha…