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Holt's Ledge, North Moose Mountain, Moose Mountain Shelter

I parked my car at the Smarts Mountain Trail head at about 8:30am Saturday morning. There were two other day hikers heading up Smarts. Isis and I, we had a different plan. We'll follow the AT SoBo to Moose Mountain Shelter. The very place we ended last week. This hike would close up the gap and leave just 20 miles to finish the state. 
So, we got underway and the pack was not bad for carrying extra food meant for the Thru Hiker's I'd see at the shelter. I didn't want to over do it but also, I didn't want to under do it not knowing how many I'd see. So, we head out of the parking area and hit the trail across the street. Heading southbound we hike over decent trail (The AT is very well kept) with very few steep grades in it. Isis and I pass over one water source that is flowing strong but since I packed in water, I am OK. We pass the 1730 mile marker to Springer Mtn Georgia and I smiled. Although SoBo is not my preferred direction, I am happy to be out here. It…

Moose Mountain and Moose Mountain Shelter

A short hike today for 2.5 miles from 3 mile Rd to the Moose Mountain shelter in Hanover/Etna New Hampshire. I figured on spending plenty of time at the summit and at the shelter to make the day of it.  Parking off of 3 Mile road could probably fit 3 cars in the pull off. There is no real steep elevation gain to this hike and you are only going up to 2222 Feet. The summit is only 1.9 miles in from the road. You cross several small streams that seem to be drying up. One provides a really good source of water and the others are too stagnate. At the larger stream, there is a divide and an "island" where someone has set up a camp site complete with fire ring. Isis and I walk rather quickly on the wide trail and come across a few Thru Hikers heading North. A short climb that is not steep brings us quickly up to the summit. 

At the summit, I offered the fresh fruit I was carrying to the Thru Hikers there. One took me up on a nectarine and enjoys it on the spot. We chatted for a b…

Owl's Head/Cherry Mountain

Sometimes. things don't go as planned. I was heading to Mt. Success today but Success Pond Rd was not something my Focus could drive on so, I headed back towards 93 and landed at an empty trail head. Peaking at the trail sign, I am looking at Owl's Head. The other one, the little one, Cherry Mountain. It's 2.4 to the summit so, why not. I guess I get to climb a mountain today after all. 

From the trail head, the trail starts out with a small water crossing by a culvert. Heading into the woods, I am hoping that I can loose the road noise eventually. The trail itself is wet in sections down low and seems to go from a wide trail to a more traditional size trail at time. I climb just a little and level out before Isis and I really start to climb. The humidity is very high today causing me to have to slow down a lot and catch my breath. It was going to be a slow hike of the 2.4 to the summit today. There are some small water seeps that are flowing enough to give Isis a drink. …

Mount Garfield

Earlier in the week, I surprised myself when I thought, maybe I'll do a 4K this weekend. I have limited time right now with family obligations so, I have put the AT on hold. With just 31 miles to go, I can finish New Hampshire with 2 over nights. So, I figured, why not a 4K? I have not been on one in months so, yeah... I'll get to why not in a minute. 
Mount Garfield is not one that I usually think about visiting. But for some reason, it popped into my head. The great thing about summer time is that you don't have to get up before the sun rises to go up north. There is plenty of day light. So, we got to the trail head around 8:30am. There were a lot of cars already in the parking area and we had to park on the side of the road. Here it seems OK considering it's not a major highway (Gale River Loop Rd). But elsewhere in the White Mountain region, cars are parked for miles on the highway.... I don't think this is right. Nor would I like those miles added to an alrea…

Long Trail Journal 2015 to 2017

My journey (Along with my dog Isis) began in 2014 with the thought of splitting the Long Trail into two LASHes (Long Ass Section Hikes). The first for 151 miles and the second for roughly 121 miles. Both would have been for 2 weeks each. The following is a record of what actually happened from August of 2015 to June of 2017... This is my journey on The Long Trail in Vermont.

Day 1: 8/7/2015: North Adams MA (AT) to Seth Warner Shelter 6.6miles/
Wow! Here I go (After saying good bye to my parents who dropped me off in North Adams MA).... First 6.4 miles down with a nice walk through town and into the woods. East Mtn and Ephs Look out were great. Stopped for lunch there. Ran into our first two hikers (Wayne and Charlotte). The pack weight is super heavy (50lbs) and I am feeling it. At the Southern Terminus, Charlotte gave Isis her trail name (Lil’ Nugget). There was lots of celebrating for the AT hikers at the southern terminus (border of MA/VT), they now have 3 states to go. Shortly after…