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Mount Greylock

Two weeks off trail and I decided to head back to Mt. Greylock in North Adams Massachusetts. I had backed off the peak last year, well Isis had lead me back down the trail to the car and when I realized it, I didn't bother to go back. Little did I also know at that first trip but, I was getting sick then. The trail a year ago was ice covered and seemed really hard for me (another clue that I was not myself). So, that's the back story. Today, it's POURING OUT. I'm more than a little concerned. Not really interested in hiking in the rain today. But I waited about a half hour and it did stop. At the third pull off on Notch Rd (Wilbur Clearning), where the AT crosses, I set out for Mt. Greylock. 

My first thoughts heading up to Mt. Williams was that I can't believe I ever thought this was steep. It now seems really gradual to me. A couple of pitches but other than that, it's pretty decent. The rocks weren't even as bad as I thought they were. It took us no tim…

Smuggler's Notch to Journey's End, North Troy Vermont. The Long Trail

The following is my final Long Trail Journal from my final section of the Long Trail through Vermont. It has some trail conditions and a lot of thoughts...

Day 1- 6/3/17 VT108 Smugglers Notch to Madona Peak Warming Hut.
5 miles/60.8 to go

It's finally here. I'm back on the trail. Started today, right where I left off and promptly fell down a ladder and into a stream. It was a wet start that only got wetter as the day went on. There were parts that I was definitely OK with and those that I was not. There are two other hikers out here, Sunflower and Just Josh. Met up with them on the trail and then for lunch at Sterling Pond Shelter. We had planned to meet up at Whiteface Shelter but, the weather got the better of me. I stopped at Madonna Peak and found that the warming hut was open. Once I was inside, I was staying put. I had heard pretty things about this peak and hoped the weather would clear. It will make tomorrow at 13 mile day if I am to keep schedule. I think it's doab…