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West Quarry and Rand, Belknap Range

Oh what the heck, I might as well finish something that I started. Last year, I completed the Belknap Range Traverse which left only 4 peaks. Last week, I did Piper/Whiteface so, yeah... Might as well. I started out on Glidden Rd/Old Clough Rd. This is about as exciting as heading up a ski trail to me. Lots of water though and that means MUD. Lots of long grass too which means ticks. I'm actually getting use to picking them off Isis. Thankfully none have imbedded (She is treated with Advantix).

It's not long before I hit the junction with the Quarry Trail. Isis chooses West Quarry first and we head down the trail to the Old Quarry site. I opted for the Dave Roberst Quarry Trail around the ledges to get to the summit. In my opinion, it's just as steep. The bugs are out in full force today too. It is not long before we arrive at my Belknap #11 West Quarry. After a quick rest and some water, I head back the way I came to the junction again to climb to Mt. Rand.

Two wooded su…

Mount Piper and Whiteface, Belknap Range

It's a really simple and easy hike and today was a beautiful day for it. I started out at the turn around on Belknap Mountain Road, parked and hiked a short distance to the trail. There's a few houses and a really friendly dog wandering around today. He almost joined me on the hike but I convinced him to stay home. The gain is pretty gradual and constant on the Whiteface Mountain Trail. No water crossings and the trail is pretty dry. At the junction, I decided to head to Whiteface first. Heading to the right, the trail is pretty flat and wide. There's a few sections of mud that are easy to get around. Heading up to Whiteface, there's a series of balds  that look out over the region. There are views for miles today.

I was the only one over on Whiteface this morning but I quickly headed over to Piper rather than hanging out, retracing my steps back to the junction. A note about today... TICKS! Thank goodness my dog is white and treated with Advantix. The ticks are crazy…

Journeys End, North Troy Vermont

Time is growing closer and yet it seems so far away. Today, I drove over 3 hours to the Journeys End Trail in North Troy Vermont. This is the approach trail for the Northern Terminus of the Long Trail. I wanted to check out the road conditions for when my ride meets me up there. But I also couldn't not hike something so, I had planned on going to the shelter. I put my pack, now full with a weeks worth of provisions and gear, in the car and I was off. Straight up 91 and past my first college. 

The road is easy to find and relatively easy to travel to start with. Once you leave the population though it's a bit rutted and takes some care to maneuver down. I took it slow and made it in my Ford Focus but I believe that lower clearance vehicles will have a problem. I stopped at the first turn out but I realized that I could probably drive right to the trail. Either way, it's a .1 walk to the actual trail from the first turn out.

It's a very short trip up to the Journeys end…