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Pitcher Mountain and the Temple Mountain Ledges

Local exploring today... Started out at Temple Mountain State Park in Peterborough NH. I've lived here for 12 years and this is my first visit. Isis and I head up the Bebee trail which is one of the old ski trails from when this was a ski resort. Easy grades to start before it ducks into the woods and heads up. Snow from yesterday is still hanging on the trees and for Spring time, it still feels like Winter. Trails are pitted from boot traffic and the new snow does not amount to much. I'm wearing my spikes to help with the icy spots. 

It was not long before this trail joined up with the Wapack Trail and lead to a cell tower. Isis and I stopped on the ledges to get a few pictures. We continued into the woods for a little while before deciding to head back to the cell tower. I want to do more research on the Wapack trail before I hike any more of it. Isis and I headed back down the Wapack Trail and bushwhacked back to the Beebe trail through some crusty snow with shallow post h…

Mount Waumbek

It's Mount Waumbek, in Jefferson NH. 4006ft and only 7.2miles round trip. Why is today such a fight? I started out from the gas station in town since I wasn't sure if the hiker lot was plowed out from the latest blizzard. Made my way to the trail head up Mt. Starr King Road. There is a large snow pile from the plow right at the start to the trail head. Once at the trail head parking lot, I put on my snowshoes. I was thankful to not have the weight on my pack anymore. Switched Isis to her longer lead so she can run a bit. We started off on a decently packed trail. Looked like someone had dragged a polk behind them to break it out, it was so nice. Climbed past the well and continued with the steady incline, I seemed to slow down. I also felt tired but, I pushed on. I wanted this summit today.

The sun was bright and warm which was helping move the day along. The Mt. Starr King trail remained in great shape through this section too. I was dragging on the inclines but continued to…

Mt. Watatic

Heading up North was not to be this weekend. I also could not leave Isis at home so, Monadnock was out (No dogs allowed)... Watatic was the goal. Given the below zero temps, this was probably a good choice. 1.1 miles up to the summit, makes it a decent hike for both of us. I started on the Wapack Trail off of 119, just over the border in Massachusetts. Time was no worry due to the short duration but I did pack just like every other hike... Full gear, Isis wore her coat due to the temps, and I even tossed in a tuna packet since you just never know. 

The Wapack Trail is decent here. It's well traveled and given the recent melt, even the 2 inches of snow we got was not a factor. It's still cold down here in Southern New Hampshire, still a negative wind chill, so the trail is solid. I bare booted with the intention of using spikes on the way down considering there was some ice on the trail. The elevation is only 1832 Feet but even that low, there are still a few steep sections. I…