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Mount Pierce February 2017

Mount Pierce would have to be the goal for today as I slept late and didn't want to hike Waumbek just yet. And this (Pierce) would be my #2 of the 48 (again) for Rheumatoid Arthritis. So, I opted to head up the Crawford Path by the Highland Center off 302 in Crawford Notch. This would be my 10th visit to the summit and the Crawford Path is my standard route. Northern New Hampshire has received a great deal of snow in the past week and my decision to wait until trails were broken out was sound... Short dog and still building strength back. 

The lower section of the Crawford Path is well packed down and easy to travel. The temps this weekend have been warm so, there is a softening factor to the day. I am wearing my Tubbs Flex VRT's primarily for the heel lifts on the steeper sections of trail but really you can wear spikes and be OK with things. Just don't step off the solid trail or you will sink in. Not as many layers on today as it is warmer than usual but my white puffy…

Mount Tecumseh... February 2017

Mount Tecumseh from the Ski area is a decent half day on the trails. Even though it's a quick hike, I still like to get there early. For one thing, it's ski season and getting a spot in Lot 1 by the Mount Tecumseh trail can be a challenge. For another thing, I can get up there and have some summit time before the crowd arrives. I was in luck, arriving around 7:30am, I got my spot in Lot 1. Isis and myself were underway after I quick stop to put on my snowshoes. 

Mount Tecumseh trail is 2.5miles up to the summit. I always section this trail off in my mind: From the start to the ski slope view, Up to the ridge, Ridge to the summit... Down low, the first crossing is open. The trail is well packed and well traveled but I have the snowshoes on for the heel lifts which will come in handy later. Isis is having a great time running up and down the trail and playing in the snow on the sides. The second crossing is bridged and easy. I used my heel lifts for the first time after the cro…