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Almost Monadnock

The January thaw is in full swing and I could not make it up north this weekend so, I went to my trusted back up... Monadnock. When I just need to get out, I head to the Old Toll Road trailhead which is about 10 minutes from my house. No need to get up super early for this one. The Old Toll Road trailhead is not maintained in winter but because there is a residence close to the trail, the road to the home is maintained. Parking can be pretty tight though and use the iron ranger for the fee. Oh, and no dogs allowed on Monadnock (I'll say more on that later). So, it's about a mile up the road tot he White Arrow Trail and from there it's a mile to the summit. Some day's this could be just a two hour trip for me. But today, I'm in no rush. Road walks don't usually bother me so, when I get to the actual start of the White arrow trail, I'm greeted with ice... As I had suspected. 

There was another hiker determined to make the summit as this was her first solo hi…

Mount Willard

All I wanted to do this week was climb to the top of a mountain. Any mountain at this point as I have been dealing with something that keeps me down. I had been thinking of Mount Willard... 2,865Ft and a 1.6mile trail. Small compared to what I usually hike. But small enough I might be able to summit.

It's a Saturday and I left my house a little after 8am. So much later than I usually leave to hike. But this is not a long hike at all so, after a cup of coffee and making myself one for the road, I loaded the car and headed for The Whites. I knew it would be crowded today since it is Saturday and as I thought, I'm parking on 302... Both the Depot, and the Highland Center are packed. It's .1 to the junction after the cross of the tracks and then we head up the Mt. Willard trail. So far, the trail itself is uncrowded but I assumed that everyone was already up there. Isis on the other hand was busy smelling markers for every dog that has hiked before her. 

The trail is super pa…

Starr King for First Day 2017

Happy New Year! Can you feel it? It's winter out there. But not like the winter we had last year. I had a rematch with Waumbek today. Parked my car by the gas station in town since the winter lot is sometimes a trap for cars who can't make it out. Seeing as it snowed a few inches last night, I made a good choice. Can't park on Starr King Rd either out of respect for the home owners there... Emergency vehicles need to be able to get through. There's also a huge snowbank left from the plow at the end of the residential road and start of the access road to the trail. No one is getting by that. It's warmer than my last trip back in December so, no insulated pants today. Just my long johns and regular hiking pants. Isis also has no jacket today (She only wears it when we hike below zero). Snowshoes are packed and I happily trade the weight to my feet at the actual trailhead. 

A note about my Tubbs Flex VRT's. This is my third winter with them. Last winter they only…