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Mount Watatic

First measurable snow of the season in the Monadnock Region fell on Saturday. All in all, under 6 inches at my home but enough to make me want to wait for the roads to clear before heading back to the AT in Lee Massachusetts. Then I was going to hike up Monadnock but, there are no dogs allowed and Isis wanted to go. So, Watitic it is. 
At first I was not sure if I could get in the parking area and if I could, could I get out with the snow cover? Lucky when I got there, there were only 2 other cars and one was leaving. It's a free lot but the park does require dogs to be leashed. The sad thing is that not many follow it. Isis is very comfortable on a leash so, she is all set. 

The trail is a bit choppy and that will be consistent all the way up, with the exception of where it gets blown in from the wind. The beaver pond is overflowing and open under the boardwalks to begin with from the parking area. Temps are cold and I have a full set of base layers, mid layer top, standard hiki…

Main Road Tyringha MA to Goose Pond, Lee MA.

I know, I had said that I was holding off on the AT until I had longer days again. The problem is that there's probably no place else I'd rather hike these days. So, I'm back to Tyringham Massachusetts and Main Rd, to hike back out to Goose Pond and the old fireplace. That's where I left off and if today was successful, I'd be caught up to the Mass Pike in terms of the AT. 
Isis and I arrived at the trailhead on Main Road a little before 9am and had about 6.7 miles to hike out to the fireplace. I set a turn around time for myself at 1pm. Once you cross the road to head north, the woods are pretty dense and after a short time, you climb steadily to a plateau. Lots of leaves on this section, making it slick. The temps are cool this morning but not terribly cold and the sun has barely made an appearance. But this is a great day for a walk. 

After ascending and descending little Baldy Mountain, I came to Webster Rd and saw one car. I presumed it belonged to one of the …

White Rocks National Recreation Area

Last weekend I was down with a decent chest cold so, there was no way I was going to hike. I needed to rest and disinfect my home. That meant that I was ready to go this weekend. I was ready on Monday as  matter of fact. The weather was not really cooperating as showers were suppose to move in later in the day. I had thought about going back to the Goose Pond area on the Mass AT but that is a far drive to potentially hike in the cold rain. Then, I thought about Mount Hunger too but decided not to when I saw the winds were gusting up around 49mph. On an open summit, that is no fun... I will however save this one for the next possible opportunity as it has the rocks and things that I need. That left a trip back to the White Rocks area to see the cairn garden and check out the views and cascades I didn't see when I passed through in 2015. I knew it was going to be a very quick day as the round trip mileage was 3.2 miles. And for that reason, I was not totally excited for the trip bu…

Bromley Mountain Peru Vermont

After Tuesday's hike, I was not feeling the 4K's and truthfully, I am still not. So, I decided to hike Bromley Mountain over in Peru Vermont. It's a little peak on the AT/LT that I stayed the night on in the middle of my first section hike of the LT. Of course, the temps were going down into the negatives and the ski resort was due to start making snow. I decided to not hike up the ski trails (I dislike hiking up Ski trails anyway) as the northbound trail will have you do and hiked from the south at Mad Tom Notch. From there, It's 2.5 miles to the summit (Just a half mile shorter than the northbound route).

The trail starts out easy and wanders through some hard woods before climbing into some pines. It's cold today and I have on a base layer, mid layer top and insulated outer layer, water resistant hiking pants over a base layer as well, gloves, hat, smart wool socks, and buff to cover my nose. My hydration hose is tucked into my jacket but I don't foresee my…

Tecumseh November 2017

The time had come to put the AT on hold for now. It's getting to be too cold for me to camp out and the ride is about to off set the hiking time with how early the sun sets now. So, after I got back from Pittsburg NH, I decided that I should head back to the 4K's here in New Hampshire. I'm still on vacation so, I figured that a Tuesday hike would be nice and quiet. I had read reports that both Mount Tecumseh and the Crawford Path were passable after recent storms and rain. My two choices were Eisenhower and Tecumseh. Ultimately, I knew I'd have more success with Tecumseh so, I headed to Waterville Valley Ski resort. Plenty of parking as the resort is not open yet. They are not even making snow yet although, I bet they will soon. I parked in Lot 1 across from the trail and in no time, Isis and I were heading up the trail. 

From the parking area to the outlook by the ski slope, the trail is great. The leaves are a little slick but that's to be expected. There seems …