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2016 Hiking Adventures in Review

Top photo from the LT in 2016 (From Buttler Lodge)

2016 has been an amazing and confusing year for me on the trails. I did cover just over 400 miles of trails throughout New Hampshire and Vermont (about 100 miles off my usual total). I also departed the New Hampshire 4K's in favor of the Appalachian Trail as well as continuing to pursue the Long Trail. The last half of Winter 2016 in the Whites was just too icy for my taste but I did make sure that I completed one long term goal before heading to the AT for the majority of the Spring and Summer... I first completed my Winter 48 peak bagging list on Mt. Adams, completing a goal that was 4 years in the making.

Mt. Adams to complete the Winter 48
At the start of the 2015/16 Winter season, I had just two (rather large) peaks left... West Bond and Mount Adams. No problem, after the Christmas season, I jumped on some good days to hike. Did the 3 Bonds in a day in January (23 miles round trip)... It was a beautiful Bluebird day that I sta…

Franconia Falls

This morning, I had my sights set on Mt. Waumbek. I figured it would be a good one as I continue to get my legs under me from being sick last month and I had not visited it in a long time. I parked at the winter lot since the residents on the road leading to the trail head love to tow cars that park on the side of the road (believe me, do not tempt fate). Secure my snowshoes to my pack and got Isis all ready. In-spite of colder than cold temps, I really wanted to summit. As I walked up the road, I felt the tightness in my ankle and hoped that it would go away and loosen up and maybe I'd stop sucking wind too. I kept going up the trail and got to the well for a reluctant Pup picture. The trail itself is good and packed. I did not wear microspikes and had no need for snowshoes. I was hopeful that I might use them later in the day. Waumbek starts out with not a great deal of elevation gain but today, it was just enough to make me question... Things in my joints have not been quite r…