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Pitcher Mountain, Stoddard NH

It's such a short hike... Just off of route 123 in Stoddard NH, is a .2mile trail to a fire tower on Pitcher Mountain. In Blueberry season, you are sure to come back with blue stained hands but today, was just a beautiful fall day. I had the privilege of having my mother along for company, which made the day even better for me. It's not often that she and I share a trail together. Our Last adventure was about three years ago on Mt. Israel. 

Pitcher Mountain Trail starts off as a typical wooded trail blue blazed. You can also choose to take the Monadnock Sunapee Greenway trail which is blaze white. Both offer good footing and the MSGT is just a tad longer and takes you by a field with maybe a few cows from time to time. In certain seasons, this is also an active bear area. Pitcher Mountain trail, which is the one we took today, is .2 through the woods and quickly opens to blueberry bushes (past season now). Slightly over grown trail but still wide enough to pass through. You c…

Gifford Woods State Park to Stoney Brook Shelter (AT Killington, VT)

Still chipping away at the miles on the AT in Vermont, I figured I'd pick up where I left off last week. So, off to Gifford Woods State Park in Killington VT it is. Took a little convincing to get out of bed this morning but thankfully, there is still a lot of day light left to play with and a late start is not noticed. Not that I don't have a head lamp... Just that I like to drive home with some semblance of light sometimes after a long day on the trails. Anyway, after talking to the rangers about picking up the trail, and not really making heads or tails of what they told me (I could not focus this morning to save my ass), Isis and I were off. The car was secure in the park so, I was not worried. What a fantastic start this section has. 

After crossing the road, you come to the cutest little AT sign I have ever seen. Then the trail winds through the forest by Kent Pond. It's a cool morning so, I actually have a warmer shell on. Over a bridge where you can tell the water…

Deer Leap Mountain

The weather was kind of questionable this weekend. I knew that I wanted to get out on the AT though and that pretty well meant that I'd stay sheltered which is a lot better than being above tree line. After a late start from the house, I arrived at the parking area off Route 4 in Killington VT. I'd hike to the Maine Junction at Willard Gap and then hit the AT for a while there. I'm figuring that I'll just chip away at the remaining Vermont miles and this will also keep my legs conditioned for my remaining LT miles (probably this time next year). Isis of course would be with me. 

Things didn't start looking familiar until I was into the forest and away from the busy road. Then I remembered hiking this little section. I was hot that first time and cranky and really just needing to get to shelter. Today though there was a nice breeze and the forest was nice and green. Everything seemed the same but different. It's a well traveled trail with a double stream crossi…

Camel's Hump

I really hate it when things are left hanging in my life... Before now, there were miles coming off of Camel's Hump on the LT that were left undone. Taking part of my long weekend to tackle them seemed like the right thing to do. Originally, I was going to park my car and hike into Camel's Hump State Park for a NOBO approach but after driving it, I decided to take a SOBO approach. This seemed more logical anyway. I parked at the parking area after the Winooski Bridge and did a little overlap in miles. This lead me to a road walk for a piece and then down and through some beautiful farm land. I also thought this was a great way to warm up the legs after driving for 2.5 hours. It's 2.8 miles from the bridge to the parking area for the State Park's SOBO Long Trail approach. But because it is flat, it goes by rather quickly with 2 sections of road walking. Also on the farm land, there are 3 ladders over electric fences and one crossing that could be a ford in high water.