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Mount Mansfield

(Sunset from Butler Lodge on the 3rd Night)
7/26/16 Day One: Winooski Foot Bridge to Buchanan Shelter 7.1miles/16.2 miles to Smuggler's Notch/90.7 Miles to Canada
It's been a rough vacation... Well, the first half anyway. After bailing out at Camel's Hump and going home, everything came crashing down around me. But, I didn't stay buried. I went up Mt. Monadnock and rose above. I repacked my pack, loosing 15lbs of dead weight in the process and got myself back to the trail. Our start point this time was the Winooski Bridge. Our end point will be Smuggler's Notch, up and over Mt. Mansfield (VT High Point) in 5 days. All the fun in-between is up to me and Isis. 
Winooski Foot Bridge
This bridge cost 1 million in donations to build. There was no VT tax money used at all. I found this to be a pretty interesting fact. It was a great way to start out this leg of the journey for myself and Isis. The trail on the other side was flat and well groomed. It came out close to I89 a…