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Mount Moriah by way of Rattle River (AT)

Sometimes things fall into place perfectly and you are not even effected by a steep trail.... Today, I hiked up to Mt. Moriah from the Gorham side on the Rattle River Trail. Another trail I had never been on and another section of the AT to complete. Isis and I were in good shape and we'd be well sheltered from the heat of the day. The first 1.6 miles to the Rattle River Shelter is really mellow and nice. The trail is wide as it's an old road bed... I don't want to jinx it by saying that I loved the trail too early. But I was thinking it. There are a few meager water crossings leading up to the shelter but nothing that cannot be managed (we need rain really bad). We approach the shelter and I see a dog's tail. I announce our arrival but we keep moving through... It looked like two Thru Hikers were just starting their day but they were nice enough to control their dog as we moved through. 

As we continued the next 2.6 miles to the Kenduskeag Trail would be a nice mix a…

Back Door To Mount Madison

Perfect forecasts are made to be above tree line. You just have to get there first. This week, I hiked up Mt. Madison... The back way. Old Jackson Rd to Madison Gulf, to Great Gulf, to Osgood Cut Off, and then straight UP Osgood. So, now that you know the order of the day, here's the run down... First today was the Mt. Washington Road race which almost made me do the other end... Webster Cliff. BUT my car found her way to Pinkham Notch... Lot was full so I parked in the overflow and took the bridge. Pinkham is so busy but once all the ants take the turn to march up Tuckerman's I head down Old Jackson and things quiet down. Well, except for the road noise from 16 that will be replaced by the auto road... People are few and far between though. 

Old Jackson Road has some great grades to it once you get up that one big incline. Then it's like smooth sailing on a flat wide trail with a section of bog bridges. I'm a fan of this trail from when I went up Nelson Crag last yea…

Imp Shelter with Rain and Laughter

Ahhhh, Mom nature... Always playing with my plans. I had a nice 15 mile day planned for today. All the way out to Middle Carter and back again via Stoney Brook and the Carter Moriah Trails (AT)... It was my back door entrance to the Carter's that I have a love hate relationship with. I figured that the entrance from the other side would give me a new perspective on this range. But then... Weather happens. 

Stone Brook Trailhead was surprisingly not full when I got there at 8:30ish but there was a fair amount of cars already there. Getting underway, you cross a bridge to start and the trail is decent. A nice little meander through the woods. Weather is cool and I've busted out my long pants, and heavier layer. I even put the gloves and hat back in the pack since well, we've had snow recently too. Making our way on the Stoney Brook Trail, we are passed by a large group of people but I keep to myself. They have a  dog with them so we hang back as well. Crossing another bridg…

Cascade Brook Trail to Lonesome Lake Hut.

It's such a small section, 2.9 miles to the Lonesome Lake hut is all I needed to complete trail miles on the AT from route 112 to route 302. Today was a beautiful day to walk those miles on the Cascade Brook Trail (AT). While most were above tree line, I stayed in the trees. Arriving at the Liberty Springs Parking area, I swear the rest of the world followed behind me... That parking area filled up quick. From the chatter, most were heading up Flume Slide (not my thing). I was relieved that at a certain point, I would have the trail to myself. Temps are way better than last week already. Seems like it's .8 on the White House Trail, which has a short walk on the bike path before I get to the actual Cascade Brook Trail. From here, it'll be 2.9 miles to the Lonesome Lake hut. 

Cascade Brook trail starts by heading under Interstate 93 and then there's the warning about the bridge wash out from Irene a few years ago... We'll see what happens today but I am betting the …