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Getting Over the KRT

It's going to be a hot one today but I'm going to push and hope to get the Kinsman Ridge Trail (AT) done... Heading up to the Whites, I happened across the aftermath of a moose Vs 18 wheeler... RIP Marty Moose. Making my way to the Reel Brook Trail head, I passed by the Beaver Brook Trail Head which was of course the site of last weekends hike... Turned onto 116 and had my own encounter with a moose (sorry no photos she was quick). Essentially turned the corner and there she was in the road. I slowed down and she quickly moved off road and into the brush... Looked at me as I passed by. Reel Brook Rd off 116 is more of a heard path... Go slow. Turning onto the trail head, take care in a low clearance car... Also watch those trees. At 8:30am, it's already 70* out and humid. 

I'm the only one in the parking lot (it fits maybe 3 cars) so, I am hopeful this holiday weekend for a quiet trail day. Reel Brook Trail is easy to start... Grades are decent and the water crossings…

Kinsman Ridge Trail (AT) from Route 112 to Mt. Wolf

I always like it when I get my responsibilities done and I'm able to go hiking... This should have been a zero weekend but since there's going to be rain tomorrow and then some rain next weekend fowling up some of my long weekend plans, I decided to torture... I mean tackle the other end of the Kinsman Ridge Trail. The AT from 112 (Beaver Brook) to what I had planned as the Reel Brook Trail Junction.  I figured since I did over 14 miles last weekend, I can do a little over 10 this weekend... There's one issue though. The AT from this end has a ton of elevation gain and then a bunch of PUDS. 

The first .6 up from the highway is really steep and I take my time. Lucky the trail is pretty dry and only leaf covered. It's fatiguing to say the least and I can only imagine hiking up with a full Thruhiker pack (mine is actually pretty close). I am determined at this point to reach my original goal. It would set me up for another section easily for next weekend. Once Isis and I…

Ethan Pond Trail Connecting Dots on the AT

Sometimes, in the middle of the journey, another journey emerges... I was finding myself feeling kind of stale and craving new scenes from a Grid pursuit. Then I really found my heart in longer distance hikes with all kinds of things to see and something new with every hike, I decided to call shenanigans on myself and start section hiking the AT and what better way to start than to connect the dots in New Hampshire. Hiking the 48 gave me a great start with hiking and also gave me a lot of AT miles so, it only makes sense. Today, I decided to hike the Ethan Pond Trail from 302 in Crawford Notch to the junction of the Zealand Trail... I already have miles from there to the hut and beyond. I love new trails and I was not disappointed today. 

Once you arrive at the trail head for Rippley Falls/Ethan Pond, you cross the railroad tracks and begin climbing... This section of trail takes you first past the top of the Kendron Flume Trail and eventually to the start of the Willey Range Trail..…

Monadnock Sunapee Greenway End to End Hike.

I'll be there first to admit that I missed trail life... The chance to walk and think. The chance to meet some pretty interesting people and see some pretty amazing things that you never see from the sofa. It's hard at times and you want to give up completely at your worst moments but if you push on, something pretty amazing happens. You get to know yourself and your relationship with the world around you. I suddenly decided to do the 48 mile Monadnock Sunapee Greenway. I would take four days to do it which would give me enough time to get my legs under me and to test out some new gear for my up and coming Long Trail trip in July. 
Day One: 4/28/16 Dublin Trailhead to Crider Shelter. 15 miles.
The pack was heavy with all my provisions and some winter gear because it would be cold at night. Four days of food and snacks for both Isis and myself. We would start at the Dublin Trail trail head in near by Dublin NH (Close to my home in Jaffrey NH). The weather was cooperating with c…