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The Little Guys... Morgan and Percival.

Never underestimate the little ones... I'll never forget this now. So, today I decided to explore Mt. Morgan and Mt. Percival. I needed to work with the ladders and figured that the ledges would also help as I prep still for the next section of the LT coming up in July. The pack is full (minus a full supply of food). I was the third car in the parking area and I am sure it will be full on return. The morning is crisp and I set out with Isis in my new hiking skort from EMS... I am never going back to traditional shorts. I loved it that much. I kept a long sleeve layer on due to wind and in the shade it was still chilly. The start of the Mt. Morgan trail is great. The trail is wide and while the leaves are plentiful, they are not slick. My trail runners are perfect for today. After a few muddy sections, we start to gain some elevation and walk through some beautiful hard woods. It's a perfect spring day. We reach the ladders on the Mt. Morgan trail and this is my test. I look a…

My Own Hike on Mount Major and Straightback

This morning I was intending on Whiteface and Piper in the Belkanps. Since doing the traverse two weeks ago, I figured I might as well go get one more patch (with a shrug of my shoulders for enthusiasm) . With the increase in day light, I procrastinate getting going and end up leaving the house a little after 6am. This felt pretty good to me since it's not a HUGE trip. We tried to make our way to the trail head for Whiteface, we followed the directions and got to the paved circle at the end of the road... Didn't see the trail. It's not well marked and I got out of my car to look for it. There's a basketball hoop in the circle as well. This does not make me want to leave my car there. When my gut speaks, I listen. So, we headed back towards Mt. Belknap and then ultimately we went to Mt. Major. I changed my plan to go up Mt. Major and possibly over to the Quarry Peaks and maybe Mt. Rand. It was 9am at this point and the trail head for Mt. Major was already busy. I heade…