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19 Mile Skate Rink to Arethusa Falls

Carter Dome... The last time I was there was July of last year so, I figured I was finally ready to head back (This is not a favorite area but one I'd like to continue hiking). 19 Mile Brook Trail has had some work done to improve it so, I was looking forward to seeing what was done. It was a little before 9am when we got on trail and found... Ice everywhere. I'm game to give it a try since it doesn't seem to bad to begin with but the trail was simply over taken by thick flow ice on a narrow trail base. I'm not a fan of ice to begin with even in spikes and if I have to switch to crampons, my dog should not be hiking with me. I'm not a fan of having my dog slip and slide on ice while I remain somewhat stable... I stop to evaluate and turn back about a half mile in. It's just not my idea of a fun hike today. We pass a group of hikers on their way in and regardless of ego, I feel that I made the best decision for myself and my dog... On to something a little lowe…

Gear Testing on Pierce

Last week, there was no hiking. I had a cold and well, it was freezing out there. So instead, I geared up for the LT with a new pack and camera (Tax time!). This naturally leads to needing to hike to test them out. The pack is the Mariposa 60 from GossamerGear and the camera is a Cannon Powershot SX400 IS with 30x zoom and 16 Mega Pixels. So, now that I am feeling better, that leaves a hike for today. I had originally thought about Whiteface and Passaconaway. I was concerned about the ice this "winter" seems to be generating and I know that loop is always icy and with the ledges, I could not put Lil' Nugget through that. So, when I got up I first thought Mt. Willard but then I remembered that across the street is Mt. Pierce. I'd rather hike a 4K today so, even with the winds a tad high and no chance of a view, Mt. Pierce it is. I parked at Mt. Clinton Rd where there is plenty of parking and it does not interfere with the Highland Center. Taking the connector to the …

Mount Hale to Not Waste a View

It's Mount Hale... Not very exciting but then again, it's going to be grey and overcast today. Mount Hale has no view and no above tree line... PERFECT. Oh, and there's a 2.5 mile road walk for those that go by way of the Hale Brook Trail instead of the Fire Wardens Trail. Since my solo bushwhacking skills are not very reliable, I'm walking the road. So, it's 2.5 miles to the actual trail head this morning. There's a light covering of snow and ice but I am in my bare boots and doing just fine. Lil' Nugget and I walk in and enjoy it. It goes by very quickly and we are at the trail head in an hour. 

After a short break, we begin our ascent of the Hale Brook Trail and having been here before, I am looking for landmarks and variations in the trail. It's one of those trails that has a gradual start and then climbs for a while. It's pretty solid right now with ice under a thin layer of snow still. Spikes are put on and I'm doing just fine. It's w…