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Mount Monadnock and the Yearly Review

Sometimes coordinating hiking times during the holidays can be a little tricky. Earlier in the week, I had said that my 2015 hiking year was over but then, as I was having coffee this morning, I thought about Mount Monadnock. It's only 10 minutes from home to the trail head. It's a very short trip of 2.1 miles from where I like to start. Everything else I needed to do today could wait. I arrived at the Old Toll Road trail head around 8:30am. My pack was decidedly light and instead of a 3L bladder, I had one Nalgene bottle. I had some snacks as well but I knew that I'd probably not eat anything. It's a mile up the old Toll road to the start of the White Arrow trail which passes quickly. Grades on this road are easy with a few steep sections. It's chilly this morning so, my coat is on as well as a few layers. I have my hat on but no gloves (in my pocket for the summit). Passing the house, I reach the clearing where the trail actually starts. There is no snow and it&…

Restorative Moosilauke

Today was the last hike for my Fall season and I chose Mount Moosilauke which is always a favorite (it was my first ever 4K peak). Route 118 heading to Ravine Rd was in great shape and even though the roads were wet, there was no black ice to deal with as I climbed in elevation. Heck, there was no snow to deal with... Old Man Winter is still on vacation. Hope he remembers where he needs to be for Monday night. I arrived at Ravine Rd which is of course gated now. This will add a 1.6 mile road walk to actually get to the trails by the DOC's Ravine Lodge. I parked facing out at the edge of the road and began the road walk. In all truthfulness, this is not a bad walk and with no snow cover, it's really easy. Isis has no issues and I set a pace to enjoy the day. The clouds were low and the road was fogged in for most of it. It took about a half hour to get to the lodge were I began seeing  breaks of blue sky. After a quick stop for some food, I hit the actual trails. 

After passin…

Mount Flume. Are You Sure this is December?

Alright, so last week pretty much set me up for this week as far as hiking. I left Mount Flume hanging and so, I pretty much just watched the weather for a Saturday attempt ( I actually worked Friday for a change). I had no idea that I'd be hiking from a warm early fall day to a slightly chilly late fall day at the summit, rather than winter conditions. Truthfully, I woke up thinking that maybe I'd take a zero... But I got myself up to Lincoln Woods and on the trail. Amazing that I keep doing this since I'm a solo hiker and it would be very easy to just go back to bed. I don't really know what drives me but I'll keep going for as long as I can. 

Lincoln Woods trail is relatively quiet for what is actually a late hour. The sun is shining and well, it's warm... I had my winter coat on, as well as my hat and gloves. I quickly lost it all in favor of just my base and mid layers as well as my head band instead of my hat. I could not believe that this was December. …

Mount Liberty Brings Back Winter

The whole world has gone crazy... I'm going hiking. That's it. I'm done. In a world where we've lost the complete ability to communicate and where violence seems to be the answer of choice, I'm done. I'm going hiking. At least there, I can get quality time with someone who understands (who cares if she has 4 legs and fur), in a place where it's so quiet you can hear your own heart beat... And thank God that it does. I make my living in social services. Helping people who can't help themselves. This week has been... A week. Especially in that field of work. So, yeah instead of chasing after insanity, I'm tuning out and going hiking. 
I chose Mount Liberty on purpose. It's my favorite peak, hands down. I had toyed with crossing over Flume and using the Osseo trail BUT, I was just there at Lincoln Woods last week and well, I needed a break. So, I parked at the Basin in Franconia Notch state park. I'd take the bike path to Liberty Springs Trail…