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Bond Cliff is a Fantastic Test for Time.

For weeks now, I have been wanting a larger hike. I've wanted to test myself out hiking in the dark and I've also wanted to visit The Bonds. Thanksgiving provided the time as an extra long weekend with enough time to recover both from the meal and the eventual hike. Watching the weather, it was a toss up between the two days (Friday or Saturday). So, considering I needed a day to sleep off my Thanksgiving meal, I decided on Saturday. Lucky me, I was able to get up at a decent dark hour. Driving up in the dark, we greeted the sunrise at the Lincoln Woods parking lot. I had saved a Gluten Free Muffin that I had bought the day before so, I had that for Breakfast (this was a great idea as I usually don't eat). Lil' Nugget and I were under way around 7am. I had layers and I chose to wear my winter boots (another good choice at least for the water crossing). First up was the long flat walk out to the Bond Cliff trail. 

There is not a whole lot to be said about the Lincoln W…

Cannon Mountain for Plan B

I did not expect to be on Cannon today but I was in the end happy with it. So, my alarm started going off at 2am so I could trek across The Bond's but that was not to be. Choosing sleep over epic hike was only hard when I finally woke up and sat on my couch having coffee. Before I succumbed to another lazy day, I got everything in the car and that included Lil' Nugget (of course). It was 7:30am when I left my home in Southern New Hampshire. It was unusually bright on the ride up due to my late departure. I arrived at the Cannon Mountain Tram parking area around 9:30am and we got ready to go. There was a fair amount of people already on the trail. It was Saturday after all. I just never really expected to run into what I did this late in the season. 

The Kinsman Ridge Trail from the tram parking lot is only 2.1miles to the summit. It's 2.1 vertical icy and eroded miles. 2.1 rocky, clear cut, up miles. But you also get a pretty nice walk on a ridge which can be easy as they…

Mount Osceola Peaks to Get My Winter Feet Back.

A smile shows just how good life is... Amazing how much has changed but the one thing remains the same and that is the mountains. Last night, I was going to head to Mount Whiteface and Mount Passaconaway. My issue was that I didn't want to hit the ledges with Lil' Nugget and that would put the mileage over 14 miles. Normally, this would not be a big issue except that the sun goes down earlier which means I would have to get up earlier. I chose the Osceola peaks as an understudy of sorts. I had not been there since last July so, why not? It's a little closer to so, I slept in and left after 6am. Something I have learned about myself is that I don't need to get up so early for a hike below 10 miles. We hit the Mount Osceola trail around 8:30am for a late start. 
The trail started out in fall conditions and who put all these rocks in the way?? Seriously, there are a lot of them to navigate. I'm kidding, this is my 4th visit to these peaks and I know full well what I …

A Northern Long Weekend and Mt. Pierce

I'll get to my trip up Mt Pierce in a moment... This was the one long weekend I had been waiting a whole year for. The weekend I get to spend at the cabin in Pittsburg New Hampshire. Thursday to Sunday is nothing but good food, reading, music, and hiking. There's not a Big Box in this town. There's not traffic light either. There's no cell reception, no cable at the cabin, and a much needed disconnect. It's the one weekend I can literally feel my anxiety level go down the minute I cross into town. It's just that good. So, Isis and I had planned on hiking Mt. Cabot since it's only about an hour and a half from the cabin. We spent the first full day hiking around the Connecticut lakes with the intent of hitting Cabot on Saturday. But, something told me not to when I get up and got ready. Maybe it's the fact that I've been going strong, every weekend since I got back from the Long Trail? Maybe I finally realized that I just needed to sit and read by t…