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Tecumseh After Work

I can't express again, how lucky I am. Things have this habit of working out and worry seems to be far away. I have this great job that on top of my co-workers getting genuinely excited for me and my passion, it sometimes sends me to conferences right at the heart of where I love to be. I was at Loon today and while it's not really climbing, I had the opportunity to ride the gondola to that summit. Then, since the conference got over at a good hour, I was able to swing over to Tecumseh (Waterville Valley) to climb that. The drawback would be that Lil' Nugget was at home. Because of this, I was curious, would I be faster? I decided to keep track of my time a little more closely than I usually do. It's 2.5 miles up and 5 miles round trip.

I started at 3:50pm, after changing in the lot and getting my pack together. I headed up the Mt. Tecumseh trail from the ski resort and seemed to be making good time. I was able to keep a pretty steady pace and there was very little st…

Mt. Eisenhower, Just Because.

It's so loud down here... Let me start by pointing out this morning in my supposed "quiet" little town, it was noisy and congested with big trucks and loud motorcycles that seemed to clog the roads and my head. I wanted out and I've wanted out more often these days. Lucky for me, I possess a 4 day work week (for now) and I can get away to the White Mountains on a day when even the trails are less crowded. Maybe I'm showing my age but I'd rather enjoy a day away from it all now. Today, I was heading for Mt. Eisenhower which, I had missed when I was on Pierce a few weeks back. Today, Lil' Nugget and I would head up Edmunds Path. This is also my favorite approach to Mount Eisenhower. The grades are very easy and the path is clear. All water crossings are bridged (except for up high where there are a few small ones to cross but those are easy). Lil' Nugget and I set out in the early morning and just felt everything fall away as we walked up the path. 


Flume and Liberty Rain and Shine.

I'm a pretty lucky woman these days... I know that like most, I don't always realize it but I truly am. I have enough in my life to keep me fed, warm, and healthy. Not to mention busy and I have the ability to continue to pursue my passions in the outdoors. I have a job that allows me to not only do good meaningful work but also allows me to balance my own care and hike pretty regularly without worry or guilt. Not to mention the support I feel. So, on this Friday, I decided to treat myself (to honor myself and the day) to my favorite hike... Mt. Flume and Mt. Liberty over Osseo Trail to Liberty Springs Trail (taking me to both summits) and back again. I don't even know why this is my favorite hike and two favorite summits. It just is and on this day, it seems appropriate. I have not always liked this day. Which is funny because it's kind of my day... But now, it's not really my day. And today, it was a mixed day. 
It was raining pretty hard when I woke up. Isis an…

Just Pierce.

Somewhere between the time I went to bed and the time I got up (after hitting snooze a few times), I had a massive change of heart. I woke up with no intention of going to Isolation (which would finish my 3rd round) and then it devolved into "I don't even want to follow my grid anymore. I don't care about Isolation, Owl's Head (a lie, I love it!), The Carter's... " and so, I changed my plans to Pierce and Eisenhower... These are busy peaks on a holiday weekend. My only hope was that because it was Monday, most would be going home already. Maybe I'd miss the traffic too. Except, I stood in my kitchen and thought that I should stay home. The only problem is that staying home leads to sitting on my ass. I don't want that. So, maybe I forced myself to keep going today and I forced Isis a little too. 
Honestly, the Highland Center was not that bad today. The parking lot was mostly clear and I was able to get in no problem. I thought this was a good sign. …

Madison and Adams on a Fantastic Day!

I'm continuing to test my new found confidence on trail... Originally, I was going to Isolation (via Glen Boulder) for today but I saw the forecast throughout the week forming something beautiful and well, I just hd to change my plan. So, what better way to challenge myself than to take on the Northern Presidentials, Madison and Adams. One of which, I am on good terms with and the other, I have some choice words for every time. I had plans to get up early to do this and that was mostly in order to give myself a comfortable time table and the ability to be out for as long as I could. You see, I have been missing my trail life from just the two weeks I was out on the Long Trail, I gathered so much more respect for the simple life that I really have been missing trail life. I have dreams about it and have also begun planning for next year because, I miss trail life. Who would have thought that it would have such a profound effect? So, back to today, I decided to test my strength and…