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Surreal Beauty and Perfection on Monroe

"Load the car and write the note Grab your bag and grab your coat Tell the ones who need to know We are heading North."
Avett Brother's
I and Love and You
        Sometimes, things are just perfect... The music on the way up to Base Station Road really set the mood... Dead, Dave Mathews, Avett Brothers were all much appreciated. It brought a certain calmness to my mind. Isis and I arrived at Base Station Road in good time. The sun was just coming up after negotiating the snow and ice covered road. At the base of the cog railway, we parked in the hiker lot and got ready. First I got Isis "dressed" and then I got myself suited up with my boots and my coat. I attached my snowshoes to my new Deuter ACT Trail 32 pack that I picked up at EMS recently. I had my spikes on the pack as well but I didn't use them. We got underway at 7:50am. The trailhead was up a little ways but not a bad walk past the Cog station and over behind the cabins. Isis and I got underway w…

Hancock's Boost Me to 200!

(My 200th summit! South Hancock)

          I hate anxiety. I'd rather deal with my depression than my anxiety... Anxiety sucks. I never really know if I am doing the right thing until it's too late or not. What if I fall.... But oh, what if I fly??? Planning for one thing while keeping another thing planning in the background. Wanting one peak while having to go for another and not even knowing if it will pan out because of the weather that you cannot predict. If you heard a scream on the trail this morning, it was just me... Letting go of a bunch of yuck! Today, it was the Hancock's instead of Monroe... Stupid weather. And then again, I boosted my grid, added to a total to bring myself over 200 peaks AND Isis is finally half way to her winter list. All this added up to a great day out there... Even if the weather was less than spectacular. 
        Isis and I started out at 7:20am from the hairpin turn on the Kanc. Heading down the Hancock Notch trail is flat and well pa…

Eisenhower Takes One For the Team

Amazing restraint as I waited out the cold temps and winds from Saturday and chose to hike Sunday instead. After another hectic week at work and trying to continuously adjust to the roller coaster of my job, I was craving the mountains. This is how everything becomes right again for me and how I can make sense of the world around me. I clear my soul when I am up in the high peaks. I think you could see it in my eyes if you know me and you looked close. After watching the Patriots almost drop the game and then come back, I was ready to hike. Today, it would be Eisenhower for number 44 of my winter season and Isis' 24th of her winter peaks. Again, not going for a single season and happy to be getting down to the last few. We parked at the Highland Center and got ready for the cold temps. It was -7* to start the day and I hoped that it would warm up a little. There was a big group forming in the parking lot and while I wanted them to head over to Willey, Tom, and Field, I a…

Happy New Year on Mount Pierce.

Happy New Year! It's 2015 and what an amazing start it has been. After wrapping up 2014 on Owl's Head, I returned to solo status and began tackling "The Winter 6". After working late on New Years Eve, I skipped the ball drop (The same thing happens EVERY year!) and went to bed at 9:30 to wake at 4am. Everything was set before I went into work so, getting on the road was effortless. Except I forgot my wallet... Back into the house I went. I need my Dunkin Doughnuts card after all! Isis and I were off and feeling very positive about well, EVERYTHING. Now, the "Winter 6" are the last 6 peaks for my winter 48 list and they are kind of a big deal: Pierce, Eisenhower (Ike), Monroe, Jefferson, Adams, and West Bond. Today, I wanted to get Pierce at the least and Ike and Monroe to go with Pierce at the most. Temp would dictate what I actually got. We were in the parking lot of the Highland Center around 7:30am. A quick change and putting the new Tubbs VRT …