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Wet and Wild Wildcat A

Also known as... Thank God for Gore-tex! ;)

         I'm finally out of the woods so I can get back into the woods... The car has been in and out of the shop all month trying to get a passed inspection for last month and FINALLY this weekend, it's done. A blue 9 on my windshield and the old (2010) Mass sticker finally removed too. In all fairness, I had asked for a unicorn sticker but they just laughed at me... First world problems for sure but, this is my life. No one else (save for my parents) is going to loan me a car or cart my ass around. And I had just started a new job not too long ago.. Money was... Interesting. Now I feel that I am out of the wood and I'm ready to go back in. Considering, it had been two week (last week was car issues and Isis was at the Vet) since my last adventure so, I was kind of chomping at the bit to get up North. So much so that I think my new co-workers are finally "getting it" about me. I'm most at home in the mountains. My…

Garfield, Galehead, and the Twins.... Unfiltered.

Maybe you should stay off the mountains... This has been echoing loudly in my head. And even before it had become loud, I had been thinking it. Maybe I should give up and walk away. After all, it happens a lot and maybe it was time that I should give it a go. Find another new identity as this one seems to be wearing out. People were scarce these days so, maybe I needed to find new people... Two weeks ago, I started a new job and settled into something that feels right. Crazy but right. I could feel my life coming back to me. And some time this week, I told the voice that told me to quit to SHUT UP... A plan to do one last backpack was born rather impulsively and the place was none other than an area that gave me the most trouble. Garfield and all the way over to the Twins.
           Isis who now sleeps on my bed (and hogs it!) and I got up late. We'd start by 9am which actually sat well with me. Keeping in mind that I still tote around my medical issues, I am finding t…