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Field, Willey, Tom, and Avalon for a Rainy Day

I had originally planned to hike the Twin's today for the challenge of and out and back. Weather had me choose a loop of Willey, Tom, and Field instead. The week had been very frustrating for me at work and personally and I really wanted to get a full day in on the trails even though I would need to do OT and I was working on Monday, I got myself to the Crawford Depot by 7am and hit the trails by 7:15pm. The good thing is that this is an easy loop for me and because of that, I decided to go by way of Avalon first and then hit Field. I would then head over to Willey and double back to Tom. This promised to be a good day in spite of the weather. 
          Heading up the Avalon Trail, Isis and I get our feet under us. This trail is traditionally rocky and in wet weather, this could prove slippery. The rain was already spitting and I had put my pack cover on but I decided to leave off the rain shell and bucket hat. It was just too humid today. Work had been done recentl…

Washington and Jefferson... Fabulous!

Now that I am working six days a week, it seems like it takes forever for a hike to get to me. Not to mention that sometimes that one day off seems to be spent catching up on sleep so, that pushes the hike to the next week. This morning, I was determined to hike. I was also determined to hike Washington and Jefferson via the Jewel Trail and Gulf Side. This would be a long day and I really hoped that I would not talk myself out of either peak. I needed a challenge beyond the weekly challenges. I needed to feel like I actually did a hike. This was perfect.

Arriving at 7am, we got under way (Isis and I) and crossed the tracks for the cog railway at Base Station.Immediately, there is a small water crossing with stairs that have s decent drop at the bottom to the water. We cross easily and hit the trail in the cool morning. I was moving well over the trail which is also very well maintained. There are 3 bridges to cross so water crossings are negligible. We start our ascend to tree line an…

Galehead... Isis get 100!

Isis and I were celebrating this weekend. She was turning two and getting ready to set her paws on her 100th overall summit (with 3 being below 4k in elevation). I had planned on Galehead and the Twins for a number of reasons. The least of which were grid needs and rounds. The most of which was it’s a great hike and Isis and I have not soloed on these three yet. But of course, I needed North Twin with played into later decisions. So, Isis had a birthday full of treats and presents yesterday and then a promised hike today… What can I say, she’s my child (since I won’t be having my own) and I never break a promise to anyone (animal or human). I had intended to get up early to allow for time to do the hike except working OT is exhausting at my job and I hit snooze. We were on our way at 5am and would start the hike around 7:30am. Why is it so hard to find the trail from Gale River trail parking area??? I went to one “entrance” and then another before I found it at almost the head of the …