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Wildflowers on Waumbek

If someone had told me my future when I was growing up and told me that I would be known for the mountains and a little white dog, I would have laughed at them. At several different stages of my life, I was as far away from the mountains and dogs as one could get. Now, I cannot see a weekend without either of them and I am OK with this. In this crazy, mixed up, and sometimes confusing world, both the mountains and Isis are the only things that make sense to me. Usually early in the week, I get a feel for something that I want to climb and then the weather dictates what I actually climb. In the case of this week, I started out thinking that Eisenhower and Monroe would be perfect and then I settled into a hike of Waumbek. It turned out to be exactly what I needed after a week of confusing emotions, confrontations at work, and some serious thoughts of “what the heck am I doing and how fast can I get up North to help myself feel better”?
Without Overtime, I am free to hike on Saturday whic…

High Water on Willey, Tom, and Field

All week, I was watching the weather change from what looked like a really wet and unhikeable weekend to a bluebird weekend to be taken advantage of. My work had canceled all scheduled over time so, I suddenly had the weekend free. I had planned on Waumbek for Saturday however my body decided that sleep was more important. Sunday, I was determined to hike and since it was supposed to be such a nice day, I was going to go up on Franconia Ridge. The water crossings being super high though made me change my tune and Willey, Tom , and Field were settled on. This was my original plan since last week’s disaster of a Bonds trip. I needed a win in my May grid and this was an easy way to get 3 peaks. I pushed myself out of bed at 5am and again got a later start than I wanted. Something has not been right for a while now and the struggle to get out of bed was concerning. However late, I was happy to be hiking today because at least I was trying. Whatever I got, would be great for me.

Isis and I…

2PM or Bond Cliff??

Let me step back to last Sunday for a moment. I had original plans to hike something however, at 2am, I woke up to a fever of 103 that seemed to wipe me out. I was determined to get out the next weekend (this weekend). The weather was bluebird for the Bonds and even though my energy was depleted and my lungs were still emptying of fluid, I was determined. Working six days a week posed an interesting challenge as I seemed to do nothing but work and sleep leading up to today. I’m not making excuses but this week was hard and perhaps I should have shot lower in my recovery? Sunday the alarm started going off at 4am and typically, I get up at 4:30am for work. Not much of a chance to sleep in when you hike on your day off. Except, I don’t get up until 5am putting me later than I probably should be for such a hike. Arriving at Lincoln Woods, there are a handful of cars in the parking lot but no hikers to be found. Was everyone on the trails already? Isis and I slip onto the Lincoln Woods tr…