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The Journey on Tecumseh

What a luxury to sleep in until 5:30am on a hiking day and then to leisurely get ready to head up north. I was on the road with Isis by a little after 6am and not the least bit concerned that I was going to be late for anything. I had once again pushed aside the higher summits for lower ones because of the weather. Today, we were going back to Tecumseh as a quick and most necessary hike. Not even the lack of views and weather was going to keep me off the trails. I had the gear to keep myself dry and I was intent on using it today. I left the snow shoes at home though as I just didn’t want to carry the weight. I was confident that I would be OK without them. Then again, I had no one to answer to so, I was fine with my decision. The ride up to Waterville Valley was filled with my favorite songs and a smile finally came across my face somewhere around Hillsborough. The rain increased as we got closer to the ski resort. I was not fazed in the least and I was ready for it. Thankfully, it s…

Pierce and Jackson... No Views and A Lot of Focus.

The thought occurred to me that I needed a really GOOD hike after two solid weeks of nasty and negative behaviors at work (Nothing like being threatened, swore at, and pinned against a wall to make your work day complete) and a few other things happening outside of work as well. I craved the peace of a good and challenging hike and then it occurred to me… George. I checked the weather forecasts once I arrived at work and decided that I would give it a go with the hopes that the winds would die down. That childlike excitement that I always get when I think about hiking George came over me and carried me through a decent end of the week on my other “mountain”. I told Isis when I got home because really, she was the only one I answered to these days and then I presented her with the new “doughnut” (pig skin) that I had bought her… All attention went to that, so I made the decision on where we hike on my own (not that she really has a say any way). Then the nerves and the scared thoughts …

Just a hike of Willey, Tom, and Field

Today was just a hike of Willey, Tom, and Field… That’s all, just a group of friends (old and new) getting together with their dogs for what we assumed would be a cold and windy hike of these three peaks. Isis and I had no issues getting up and going this morning so, the day was starting off great. We drove up to the Highland Center enjoying the music and not being concerned about anything. We met up with everyone a little after 8 am and got underway. I opted to leave the snowshoes behind as the trail should be well packed from some cold temps that were lingering. Everyone was having a great time getting to know one another having not hiked together for a while or at all. Realizing just what a small world it can be when I find out that this group knows people that I work with on a regular basis makes me smile. Today was going to be a good hike. The dogs (Skipper and Reuben) take-off up the Avalon trail and the humans decide to go that way as well.
I had never done this loop in reverse…