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The O's for December... Ice and plenty of it.

It was tough getting going in the morning. I had not hiked since my solo around Lincoln and Lafayette and all the stress and craziness of my life below 4K was causing me to stay curled up in bed under the covers and warm. I hit the snooze even and then I dragged myself, my gear, and Isis to the car. We were meeting Scott, whom I had not seen and hardly heard from since August in his hospital bed recovering from a total knee replacement. We were hiking together for the first time since Garfield back in August and I was feeling…. Nothing. I was not anxious, I was not mad any more, I was just… Tired. Tired and I wanted to hike. I was happy for the day and I guess my skepticism that it would come had over taken me and I was still in disbelief that it was going to happen today. None the less, it was hear and we met at the designated spot and it was a little awkward for me. I really didn't know what to say to him at first. The gear was loaded into Scott’s car and we drove to the trail h…

Bookends... 2013 Review

2013 started out quiet. The hikes I was taking were few and far between producing a less than stellar winter season for 2012-2013 and for me. I wanted so much more for myself and for whatever reason, I did not produce it. I was determined to continue on with the New England 67 in the spring and that would prove to be a focus for the year. I spent a lot of time while I was not hiking, trying to figure out two plans. One for hiking solo and one to try and find my people. The ghost in my house was slow to leave and as I waited, I began solo hiking and getting comfortable with both myself and my pup Isis (and she was a pup of just 5 month that January 2013). I had a great solo trek around The Bond's save for the winds blowing me over and making me back off of West Bond (missing the complete set of 3 for my winter list) and Isis and I closed out the winter season on Jackson by sliding down the summit cone on my ass with Isis pulling me on her leash and discovering that she might just b…