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Carter's In Confusion... Sometimes Things Get A Little Dark Before They Get Brighter.

When I started out to hike the Carter’s, a number of difficult situations were happening all at once. Things were becoming confusing in my life on both a personal and professional level. Mistakes were being made and there seemed like no way to correct things. I was riding a wave and hoping that I didn’t crash on the shore. I was feeling as though the remainder of the 48 would be solo and while not wanting them to be, I was preparing myself for that fact. I waited for signs and hoped that I did no more damage. The actual day I decided to hike the Carter range (Dome, Middle, and South), after a number of postponements, was a Thursday. I was not on vacation. Nor was I granted time off from my job. Well, not in the traditional sense. Two days prior, I had been let go from my position as an outreach therapist for at risk kids. The full extent of the blow (or blows), had not been felt yet. I was both excited and scared for all that lay ahead of me. It felt very strange for me to be heading …