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A Quick Hike Up Zealand...

Two weeks between hikes was starting to feel like a long time for me. Usually close to the end of the second week, I was crawling out of my skin to get back into the woods and usually planning to go with or without my new hiking companion. Usually, it was not hard to convince him to come with me and this weekend, promised to be another good hike for us. Zealand Mountain, a modest 4 thousand footer was on target for my number 36.

 “It’s a treed in summit with minimal views so, I’ll understand if you don’t want to do it with me.” Was what I told him. To my surprise, he agreed to hike it with me and he agreed to get up early on the morning and drive up rather than spend the night up there in a hotel. 

 We were able to get everything together and packed the night before and had good intensions of getting to be early. After all, 5am was still early for us. Not as early as I had been getting up to hike but still early none the less. Of course when the alarm went off, it felt like I had ju…