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Mounts Tom, Field, and Willey... Three Little Peaks and a lot of Thought.

There was beginning to be a routine to my weeks in that almost immediately after coming down from a mountain, I would begin to think of where I would go next. What was calling to me? What was I in need of completing? And sometimes, that need came from a combination of interactions with people in my week day life. It could be a certain mood that I found myself in that caused me to go well above five thousand feet or stay at just around four thousand and happy or not, I was going up to work things out and express myself.At this point, the field of peaks was wide open and I had my pick of combinations. The other thing that was obvious to me was that it was hard for me to do just a single peak in one day. I needed multiples as it seemed like too short of a trip to complete just one peak in a given day.
Two days before Halloween, I had set my mind to hiking Mounts Tom (4051), Field (4340), and Willey (4285). Peaks seventeen through nineteen on my list of the 48. The choice was simple since…