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Mount Jackson and Mount Pierce... Because When One of Us Needs a Peak, We All Need a Peak.

After arriving home from hiking Eisenhower, I had emailed Chuck and Cheryl to let them know that I was game for Jackson the next day and that I was thinking of adding Pierce for myself. This is the decision I came to on the way home after shaking my head in disgust of not making it the firs time. Oh, I knew that the mountains always win in this game but I’m the type of person that when I set my mind to something, there is no stopping me. They already had Pierce in their list of 48 so; I was not going to make them do it again. I also was aware that I was leaving myself open to a good natured ribbing, for the adventure, and even though that would be the case, it was nice to get a response such as this. (Especially when you still feel bad for missing a peak even though it was out of your control.) “Rachel, Rachel, Rachel…When are you going to learn?We bring the good weather with us when we hike; you seem to think it’s a memory card and forget it! Lol…. We knew you posted to Facebook as so…

Eisenhower (4780 Ft)... When a Sign is Not Just a Sign.

By Wednesday of that late October week, I had decided that Eisenhower and Pierce would be in line for that coming Saturday. I wanted to get as many peaks under me as I could before the winter set in as I was still unsure about hiking in snow let alone hiking in winter. Again, the horror show of what could happen would play in my mind and would serve as a block to hike in winter for the time being.So, I set a plan in motion to hike up Eisenhower and Pierce in the Presidential range. First things first, I made a trip to EMS to pick up a new pack, and hydration system. Along with whatever else I could find since that store was a designated trouble spot for my wallet.
Friday night, I nailed down the route and posted it on line so that people would have some idea of what was going on for the day. It also served as a way for people to know if something went wrong as I followed a clear plan of posting when I was starting, and when I was down from the summit. This was also followed by posting …

Lucky 13 and the Journey over Liberty and Flume

The hike for Liberty and Flume started pretty much when I got home from South Kinsman. I had to do a quick turn around and repack my pack for the following day. Not to mention eat, clean up (myself and the house), and get some rest, so that I could get up and do it all over again. I was happy to do this though since hiking had become a significant part of my life. Never before had an activity spoken to me in the same way that hiking had done. I had often joked that I was having trouble staying below 4 thousand feet and in truth, I really was. There was something so freeing about hiking through the woods with nothing but the sounds of nature around you. I would often find myself hiking trails in my head over and over again throughout my “week day life” and getting ready for Liberty and Flume was no exception.

I was excited to have some company on this hike as I was going to join Chuck and Cheryl. They were the couple I had met on my birthday hike for the Osceola’s. I had originally tho…