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Reconnecting in 'The Burg' and on Mount Cabot.

I checked into my cabin up in Pittsburg, New Hampshire at about three PM. My plan for that Thursday, I was going to do nothing but relax and look at the river that was flowing swiftly by the cabin. Cook myself a nice meal with a good glass of wine and just disconnect for a while. Upon walking into the main living area, I was greeted with the charm this cabin held. A simple gas powered wood stove was the only heat source, there was no TV reception via cable or satellite, and there was no cell phone reception either. I had successfully completely unplugged for the next three days, unless I wanted to drive the 10 miles up to the main lodge to check in with the world. No one was going to be able to get in touch with me unless they had the number to the cabin and I was not going to be able to get in touch with them unless I took a drive. For now, I was content to set up my time and enjoy the solitude.

I had Mount Magalloway set for a climb tomorrow to keep working on another list called 52…

North Kinsman.... Spooked and Preoccupied.

With my completion of Cannon and abandoning the Kinsman’s, it meant that I needed to rethink my hiking trips for my vacation. Originally I had it all planned out to bag a few different peaks (Tecumseh and the Tripyramids or Liberty and Flume were all being considered) I had until Wednesday night to hike since I was heading up to Pittsburgh, NH on that Thursday of my vacation. I had my eyes set on Cabot while I was way up north too. A crazy thought ran through my head as I took a planning day on Tuesday…. “What if I hiked Thursday morning on my way to the cabin?” No one was around to talk myself out of it but thank goodness, I was able to since I would have been miserable. Plus, I will have had all my food for the cabin packed in the car. No need to have it all spoil on me before I even arrived. I had some great gourmet meals planned and needed to food to stay fresh.Because of all these factors, I figured that The Kinsman’s would be mine on that Wednesday. I continued to plan and run er…