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Everest Conquered... A step back and a step forward on Monadnock

Sometimes, life is not about what you do day in and day out… Sometimes life is what you strive to do and what you want to accomplish. Those long term goals that you want to see a little closer than a spot on the horizon. So, this summer, I set out to not wait around for anyone and to do the things that I wanted to do… To do those things on my own terms and have a little fun. Somewhere along the way, I connected with something that really spoke to me. It was the mountains. To look at this most recent climb, I need to step back first.
                                         Start of the trail on Monadnock's Toll Road Trail Head.
                                          It was a foggy day which may have aided in my summit.

Even before I got sick in 2010, I had… Issues. I know, who doesn’t have issues really? These days we are all carrying some kind of baggage. And the first story I have to tell you is kind of how I got… Back in 2007, I had set out to climb Mount Monadnock with some…

Mount Moosilauke... What's this all about anyway?

Before I was even home from my day of climbing Mt. Chocorua, I was thinking about the 48. If I was going to set out on this journey, I had better start it now. Winter was fast approaching and who knew how much I would be able to hike through the end of the year. The question on my mind was where to start? My legs were still shaky on the trails and certainly, I could not just jump right into the bigger mountains. I mean had anyone started this journey by completing Washington and working their way down in elevation? Surely, that would be a feat but not one that I really wanted to consider. I was not even sure if I could tackle Washington let alone any of them. I knew that I had some research to do when I got home. After all, Hurricane Irene was coming and things were effectively shutting down (including my beloved White Mountains). I laughed at this thought… It’s a rainstorm. Nothing special. Nothing like North Carolina. In fact, as I was driving down I93 from my Mt. Chocorua trip, it …

Mt. Chocorua... With or Without You

In the days before I was to climb Mt. Chocorua, the weather reports started coming in. Hurricane Irene was going to be paying the New England area a visit. What form it would actually take (Hurricane, tropical storm, or rain shower) was yet to be determined.I kept thinking to myself, that if I was going up to the mountains, I’d probably miss it or at the very least, I would hit some rain on the way home. I thought nothing of it and continued to make plans to do the climb with the sky diver whose idea it was originally. He had made the suggestion at about the same time I was planning on taking on Crawford and Stairs. We had been talking about hiking for a little while and so, I figured this would be a great way for us to get to know one another. For lack of a better descriptor, he loved this mountain. He had some kind of childhood connection to it and I on the other hand had never set foot on the trails for it. I just wanted to climb it to say that I've climbed it. …

Mount Crawford (3129 Ft) and Mount Stairs (3463 Ft.)... A New Found Strength.

“You need to head into the White Mountains.” I was told one night as I was discussing my future in hiking with a skydiver I was once close to. Having just done Cardigan the previous week and having seen an excellent presentation on the New Hampshire 48 that inspired me, I was really considering it. I was looking for some reassurance that everything would be fine. Doing small mountains on my own was great. I felt comfortable and as though I could summit anything. Going into The White Mountains seemed to conjure up images of people getting stranded and rescued on Tuckerman’s Ravine. I really didn’t need that blow to my ego or my life and still, I needed to do something. I wanted to do the 48 more than ever now. But I wanted to do the 48 for myself and myself alone which was crucial to my eventual start. first, I needed to set foot though in the White Mountains. Crawford and Stairs offered me that chance.
Like most hikers, my decision is based on trail research and watching the weather. T…