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As If The Mountain Called To Me... Cardigan (3121ft) August 2011

Even before I made the decision to complete the 48 peaks in New Hampshire, I had been talking about mountain climbing in general.  Anyone that would listen would get an earful because I was trying to figure out exactly where this was leading me. I had completed all the smaller peaks I wanted to and was growing a little tired of the ease with which I was climbing. As a person who loves a challenge, there was only one way for me to go and that was… Up. After all, I needed to keep growing in my experiences and this was becoming so much more than just climbing mountains. It was becoming my way to broaden my horizon what had been limited for some time.
Mid-August, I made the jump above three thousand feet. I had chosen Mount Cardigan after looking at state parks on line and Cardigan just kind of kept coming up in my thoughts and in my searches.It seemed easy enough to complete after researching it further on line and it was one that no one I knew had done before. I was going for something …

Before the 48….

"I want to do some hiking, camping, and I want to go to the beach and surf even. I just want to experience everything.” I had told someone whom I believed would accompany me on this journey. What I came quickly to realize is that I would sometimes be my best company and that I didn’t need anyone except myself to have these experiences. A companion is nice; just not as necessary as I had built them up to be. When the relationship I had considered to accompany me ended, I simply said… “I’m going for a hike.” And off to Pillsbury State Park in Washington New Hampshire I went.

Early one Saturday morning in July 2011, I set out with a small pack containing things that I thought were important (cloths, bathing suit, change of shoes, towel, food, my journal, and a book that I was given and carried symbolically). I would learn this was nowhere near appropriate equipment for a hike. I set out to find the state park (recommended to me by someone no longer fully in my life). On…