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Mount Piper and Whiteface, Belknap Range

It's a really simple and easy hike and today was a beautiful day for it. I started out at the turn around on Belknap Mountain Road, parked and hiked a short distance to the trail. There's a few houses and a really friendly dog wandering around today. He almost joined me on the hike but I convinced him to stay home. The gain is pretty gradual and constant on the Whiteface Mountain Trail. No water crossings and the trail is pretty dry. At the junction, I decided to head to Whiteface first. Heading to the right, the trail is pretty flat and wide. There's a few sections of mud that are easy to get around. Heading up to Whiteface, there's a series of balds  that look out over the region. There are views for miles today.

I was the only one over on Whiteface this morning but I quickly headed over to Piper rather than hanging out, retracing my steps back to the junction. A note about today... TICKS! Thank goodness my dog is white and treated with Advantix. The ticks are crazy…
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Journeys End, North Troy Vermont

Time is growing closer and yet it seems so far away. Today, I drove over 3 hours to the Journeys End Trail in North Troy Vermont. This is the approach trail for the Northern Terminus of the Long Trail. I wanted to check out the road conditions for when my ride meets me up there. But I also couldn't not hike something so, I had planned on going to the shelter. I put my pack, now full with a weeks worth of provisions and gear, in the car and I was off. Straight up 91 and past my first college. 

The road is easy to find and relatively easy to travel to start with. Once you leave the population though it's a bit rutted and takes some care to maneuver down. I took it slow and made it in my Ford Focus but I believe that lower clearance vehicles will have a problem. I stopped at the first turn out but I realized that I could probably drive right to the trail. Either way, it's a .1 walk to the actual trail from the first turn out.

It's a very short trip up to the Journeys end…

Smarts Mountain

Smarts Mountain adventure for today. I was not about to let another nice weekend pass by and I really needed to get out there. Only 2 hours from home up 91 through Vermont to Lyme New Hampshire. The trail head is on a dirt section of Dorchester Rd. I'm following the Lambert Ridge Trail (Or the Appalachian Trail). The parking area is full mud and water but once you get on trail, it's pretty dry and the best part is that there is no snow! I'm in my capris, T-shirt, trail runners, and gaiters. Feeling OK but anxious to see what today will show me. My pack is full of my weeks worth of provisions and this is the first hike with the full pack to see how I can handle it. 

After you climb out of the parking area, the trail levels out walking through some nice hard woods. The leaves are really piled up and slick but as you begin climbing again, you get a mix of rocks and roots to balance things out. The breeze today feels really good as well and probably cuts the temp down a littl…

Mount Moosilauke

If you're going to hike Moosilauke, make sure it's a perfect day. I waited for this day. Made sure I had plenty of time and went for it. Gorge Brook to Carriage Road to Snapper Trail, a classic loop. The thing about this year is, since they are rebuilding the lodge, the Road is open and you can drive in to a certain point. The road walk is about a mile to the trails. In the morning, it's pretty solid as temps are low. The trail takes you by the Class of 66 Bunk House (Where I stopped to put on spikes) and then down to the bridge. It was around here that I first ran into Neil L and Maggie. Nice to have familiar faces on trail today. I did well with spikes for a little while. After the second bridge, I switched to snowshoes. The trail is choppy and getting soft. 

It was pretty slow going for me on the Gorge Brook trail. Isis and I were passed by a few people but I really didn't care today. I was on a mission. Once I made it to the Last Sure Water sign at 3300Ft, I knew …

Mount Monadnock

Mount Monadnock via the White Arrow trail today... I parked at the Old Toll Road Trail Head which is about 10 minutes from my house. For those considering this trail head, it will be staffed with a Ranger again for the season starting April 15, 2017. As we all know by now too, there are no dogs allowed at the park. Isis stayed home today and boy was it hard to get out of the house without her. At the trail head, there is plenty of parking and given that people think it's Spring, there's already plenty of people parked at the trail head. I got my boots on and headed out. My pack is packed as if I was going to be on the LT for a week since I need to get use to the weight. You start out with a mile road walk up the old Toll Road. This is mostly up hill until you reach the White Arrow Trail. 

It's here that I put on my spikes and I am glad that I opted for my boots over my trail runners. I have my winter shell at the top of my pack for later. 30mph winds up top today and it&#…